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British Center for Bigfoot Research.
What is a Bigfoot / Sasquatch?


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What is a Bigfoot / Sasquatch?
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When eye witnesses recount their encounters with a sasquatch they all seem to give the same description. They see a large, bipedal, ape-like creature which stands about 7ft tall and covered in hair. The only known animals which come close to fitting this bill are the great apes such as gorillas and orangutans, the problem is, the great apes dont inhabit North America and other places where similar creatures are reported.

Many people claim that sasquatch does not exist at all, either sightings are hoaxed or simple misidentified animals such a bears. A lot of cases are indeed faked and mistakes, but there are reports from credible people who know they have not seen a bear. They describe broad shoulders and a flat face. This is the opposite to a bear which has notably slanting shoulders and a recognisable snout. If just one of the many thousands of reports is true then there has to be an undiscovered creature living in these remote forests.

So if they are not gorillas and they are not bears then what are they?

To find this answer many researchers have looked to the fossil record and our own evolutionary path. There have been a number of suggestions. Neandertals with fossils found in Europe that date back over 100,000 years, Homo erectus dating back about 1.6 million years ago, Australopithecus which were found in Africa almost 4 million years ago, and most notably Gigantopithecus blacki which were believed to have died out around 300,000 years ago. In sasquatch and other cryptozoology circles Gigantopithecus is considered the most likely ancestors for bigfoot. Numerous teeth and a few jaw bones have been discovered in Southern Vietnam and Northern China. The jaw bones are all considerably larger than any other primate, from these bones is able to determine that Gigantopithecus was likely to be bipedal, it could walk on two legs. Although not much is known about this supposedly extinct animal we do know that it did exist and therefore not impossible for one still to exist