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British Center for Bigfoot Research.
Mission Statement.


Mission Statement.
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Organization Purpose

The British Centre for Bigfoot Research is a project founded in order to bring together people in the UK and other countries alike who have an interest in the phenomena of large hairy bipedal apes stalking the remote forests of the world. This project concentrates mostly on the creatures nicknamed Bigfoot or Sasquatch which are reported to live in the forests of North America.

Our Mission

We hope to head an expedition to North America with a small group of dedicated individuals to try and solve this incredible mystery for ourselves. The main purpose of this expedition is to make a documentary film on the Bigfoot creatures and also to live out our childhood fantasies of acting like Indiana Jones and finding a "monster"! We will be using trigger cameras in a "hot-spot" to try and capture the elusive animals on video. We will be getting help from a group called The Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society (SOBS) who have had great success in their own outings.

We now have a list which you can ask to join, this is for serious discussion about Sasquatch and other similar creatures. We would like to hear your views and experiences (if any) on this subject.

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